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Total number of sub-accounts 2 5 8
Buyer contacts 300 Buyers/Year 600 Buyers/Year 900 Buyers/Year
AI Search Email 50 Buyers/Day 200 Buyers/Day 300 Buyers/Day
Trade analysis report 2/Day 100/Day 200/Day 400/Day
Search customs data
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Manage trade data
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For example: Instruction of Professional VIP

1.VIP Sub-accounts: includes 1 main account and 5 sub-accounts, which could be added and deleted after signing in the main account;

2.AI Search of Email: through AI Search of Email, you could get the official website+name+job title+company email+social-media account+social homepage;

3.Amount of contacted buyers: the amount of artificially verified contacts that could be inquired for the whole year+ the amount of identified buyers that have been contacted online;

4.Trade analysis report: the import or export analysis reports with detailed transactions of companies that could be viewed each day;

5.Manage transaction data: you could claim or upload the transaction data of your own company, as well as encrypt and set access permission for it;

6.The maximum amount of available contacted buyers=600 contacted buyers+ 200 AI search of emails/day*365days=73,600buyers/year;

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