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随着手上的客户越来越多,很多外贸人表示有些客户聊天的时候很爱用缩写,“Just FYI, AKA,G2G......”这些你都知道什么意思吗?



AX = Across 穿过

AH = At home 在家

A3 = Anytime, anywhere, anyplace 哪里都成

ASL = Age/Sex/Location 年龄/性别/住址

AAR = At any rate 任何价格

ABT = About 关于

AYW = As you wish 如你所愿

AZN = Asian 亚洲人(主要指印度人)

AKA = Also known as 还叫……

AML = All my love 我所有的爱

ATB = All the Best 最好的

ATM = At the moment 现在

ACC = Anyone can come 谁都能来

AYS = Are you serious? 你认真的吗?

AYT = Are you there? 你在吗?

AISI = As I see it 当我看到它的时候

AOTS = All of the sudden 突然

ATST = At the same time 同时

AYCE = All you can eat 你都可以吃

ABT2 = Meaning‘about to’ 将……

ADBB = All done, bye-bye 完了,再见

AEAP = As early as possible 越早越好

AFAP = As far as possible 越远越好

AMBW = All my best wishes 我最美好的祝福

AISB = As it should be 它本应这样……

AISB = As I said before 像我之前说的

ALOL = Actually laughing out loud 正在大声笑

AMAP = As much as possible 越多越好

AMOF = As a matter of fact 事实是……

ASAP = As soon as possible 越早越好

AQAP = As quick as possible 越快越好

AYDY = Are you done yet? 你完事了没?

AYEC = At your earliest convenience 你最方便的时候

AYOR = At your own risk 由自己负责

AFAIK = As Far As I Know 就我所知

ADD/ADR = Address 地址

AWESO = Awesome 真棒

ATEOTD = At the end of the day 最后


BM = Byte Me 寓意你能怎么办?

B4 = Before 之前

BF = Boyfriend 男朋友

BG = Background 背景

BB = Be back 马上回来

BN = Bad news 坏消息

BF = Best friend 最好的朋友

B/C = Because 因为

B4N = Bye for now 再见

B2W = Back to work 回去上班

BAU = Business as usual 正常营业

BBL = Be back later 一会回来

BBQ = Barbeque 烧烤

BBS = Be back soon 一会回来

BBT = Be back tomorrow 明天回来

BWO = Black, white or other 黑色,白色或其他

BTW = By the way 顺便说一句

Biz = Business 生意

BRB = Be right back = 马上会来

BRD = Bored 无聊

BOL = Best of luck 祝你好运

BME = Based on my experience 根据我的经验

BFFL = Best friend for life 一辈子的好朋友

BION = Believe it or not 爱相信不相信

BHL8 = Be home late 会晚回家

BM&Y = Between me and you 你我之间

BBIAB = Be back in a bit 马上回来

BBIAM = Be back in a minute 马上回来

BBIAS = Be back in a second 马上回来

BDAY/B-DAY = Birthday 生日


CU = See you 再见

CX = Cancelled 取消了

CB = Coffee break 休息时间

CM = Call me 打给我

CT = Can’t talk 说不了话

CIO = Check it out 检查

CSL = Can’t stop laughing 忍不住笑

C4N = Ciao for now 拜拜,Ciao是意大利语的再见

CAM = Camera 相机

CMB = Call me back 给我回电话

COB = Close of business 停业

COS = Because 因为

CYE = Check your e-mail 查你的邮件

CR8 = Create 创造

CUA = See you around 再见

CRZ = Crazy 疯了

C-T = City 城市

CWYL = Chat with you later 稍后聊

CRBT = Crying really big tears 大哭

CMON = Come on 拜托!!

CQRT = Security 安全

CUIMD = See you in my dreams 梦里见

CMIIW = Correct me if I’m wrong 如果我错了请纠正


DF = Dear friend 亲爱的朋友

DL = Download 下载

DN = Down 往下,下面

DGT = Don’t go there 别去那

DNR = Dinner 晚饭

DNT – Don’t 别……

DGA = Don’t go anywhere 哪都别去

DETI = Don’t even think it 不考虑

DHYB = Don’t hold your breath 别憋气

DIKU = Do I know you? 我认识你吗?

DLTM = Don’t lie to me 别对我说谎

DBEYR = Don’t Believe Everything You Read

DKDC – Don’t know, don’t care 不知道,不管


EOM = End of message 消息最后

EVA = Ever 曾经,永远

EMA = E-mail address 邮箱地址

EOL = End of lecture 讲座最后

E123 = Easy as one, two, three 跟1,2,3一样容易

EF4T = Effort 努力

ENUF = Enough 够了

EZ/EZY = Easy 容易

E1/Every1 = Everyone 每个人


FE = For example 例如

FB = Facebook 脸书

FC = Fingers crossed 手指交叉,意思是保佑

FW = Forward 向前,转发(邮件)

FTL = Faster than light 比光还快

F2F = Face to face 面对面

F2P = Free to play 免费玩

FAQ = Frequently asked questions 经常问到的问题

FBY = Fine by me 我可以、同意

FYI – For your information 根据你的信息

F2F/FTF = Face to face 面对面


GN = Good Night 晚安

GF = Girlfriend 女朋友

G9 = Genius 天才

GA = Go ahead 进行

GG = Gotta go 得走了

GJ = Good job 干的不错

GL = Good luck 祝你好运

GB = Goodbye 拜拜,也是Great Britain缩写

GUD = Good 不错、很好

GAL = Get a life 做点有益的事

GAS = Got a second? 有时间吗?

GOI = Get over it 别想了

GR8 = Great 不错、很好

GBU = God bless you 上次保佑你

GFI = Go for it 去做吧!

GFN = Gone for now 现在不在

GBTW = Get back to work 回去上班

GTSY = Great to see you 很高兴见到你

GMTA = Great minds think alike 英雄所见略同

GRATZ = Congratulations 祝贺

GWHTLC = Glad we had this little chat 很高兴我们有了这番谈话


H = Hug 抱抱

HF = Have fun 玩的愉快

H8 = Hate 讨厌、恨、不喜欢

HV = Have 有……

HW = Homework 作业

HAK = Hugs and kisses 亲亲抱抱

HMU = Hit me up 跟我联系

HTH = Hope this (that) helps 希望这能有用

HBU = How about you? 你如何?你怎样?

HRU = How are you? 你好吗?

HOAS = Hold on a second 等一下

H2CUS = Hope to see you soon 希望不久能见到你

HAGN =Have a good night 祝今晚过得愉快

HAND = Have a nice day 祝今天过得愉快

Howz = How is 怎么样

H-BDAY = Happy Birthday 生日快乐


I2 = I too = me too 我也是

IB = I’m back 我回来了

IC = I see 哦……

IK = I know 我知道

IDK = I don’tknow 我不知道

ISS = I Said So

IMO = In my opinion 我认为

ILU = I love you 我爱你

IMS = I am sorry 对不起

IDC = I don’t care 我不管

IA8 = I already ate 我吃过了

IAC = In any case 无论如何

IMU = I miss you 我想你

IOW = In other words 换句话说

IRL = In real life 在真实生活中

ICAM = I couldn’t agree more 我非常同意

IDBI = I don’t believe it 我真不敢相信

IDTS = I don’t think so 我不这么认为

IHNI = I have no idea 我不知道

IMSB = I am so bored 我特别无聊

ITYK = I thought you knew 我以为你知道的

IUSS = If you say so 如果你非要这么说的话

IDGI = I don’t get it 我没懂

IIWM = If it were me 如果是我的话

INMP = It’s not my problem 这不是我的错

IIMAD = If it makes an(y) difference 如果这有所不同的话

IWALU = I will always love you 我会一直爱你

ILBL8 = I’ll be late 我会迟到


JW = Just wondering 觉得

JK = Just kidding 只是逗你玩的

JAM = Just a minute 等一下

JDI = Just do it 勇敢去做

JFF = Just for fun 只是想玩玩

JIC = Just in case 以防万一

JLMK = Just let me know 到时通知我一下

JTLYK = Just to let you know 只是想通知你一下

JAC/ JAS = Just a second 等一下下


KK = Okay, okay 好的,好的

KK = Knock, knock 敲门声

KB = Keyboard 键盘

KIT = Keep in touch 保持联系

KNOW = Meaning ‘knowledge’ 知识


LMK = Let Me Know 告诉我

LTNS = Long time no see 好久不见

L2K = Love to come 很想来

L8R = Later 过会儿,一会儿

LBAY = Laughing back at you 对你笑

LD = Long distance 远距离

LHO = Laughing head off 大笑

LOL = Laughing out loud 大声笑,非常常见

LOLO = Lots of love 很多爱


M8 = Mate 兄弟,哥们(英国经常用)

MLM = Meaning give the middle finger 竖中指的意思

MNC = Mother nature calls 意思就是要上厕所

MOO = My own opinion 我自身认为

MSG = Message 信息

MTF = More to follow 还有更多

MorF = Male or Female? 男还是女?

MGMT = Management 管理

MKAY = Meaning ‘Mmm, okay’ 嗯,好的

MYOB = Mind your own business 先管好你自己的事儿


N1 = Nice one 不错

NM = Never mind 没事

NP = No problem 没问题

NE = Any 任何

NW = No way 不可能吧

NN = Nite 晚安

NBD = No big deal 没那么严重

NE1 = Anyone 任何人

NFS = Not for sale 不出售

NVR = Never 不、绝不

NRG = Energy 能量

NMP = Not My Problem 不是我的问题

NOYB = None of your business 跟你没关系

NOWL = Meaning ‘knowledge’ 知识


OT = Off topic 跑题

OOT = Out of stock 没有现货

O4Y = Only for you 只为了你

OMG = Oh my god 我的天啊!

OMW = On my way 在路上

ONL = Online 在线上

OTP = On the phone 在打电话

OTT = Over the top 过分了啊!

OTW = Off to work 去上班了

OVA = Over 结束

OMDB = Over my dead body 除非我死了

OTRH = On the other hand 另一方面


PS = Photoshop 修图

PM = Personal message 私信

PZ = Peace 和平、安宁

PIC = Picture 图片

PIF = Paid in full 全款

Pro = Professional 专业的

PCM = Please call me 请打给我

POV = Point of view 观点

PRT = Party 聚会

PXT = Please explain that 请解释你什么意思

PZA = Pizza 比萨

PTMM = Please tell me more 请告诉我多一点

PLS/PLZ = Please 请

PROLLY = Probably 可能


QIK = Quick 快

QQ = Meaning ‘crying eyes’ 哭

QQ = Quick question 快问快答

QOTD = Quote of the day 今日引用


R8 = RATE 比率、价格

RN = Right now 立刻

R&D = Research & Development 研发

RUS = Are you serious? 你是认真的吗?

ROFL = Roll on floor laughing 笑翻天了



SH^ = Shut up 闭嘴

SQ = Square 正方形

SB = Should be 应该

SB = Smiling back 回笑

SC = Stay cool 保持酷

SB = Stand by 候场

S2U = Same to you 对你也一样

Sec = Second 一秒钟

S2S = Sorry to say 很遗憾的说……

SIT = Stay in touch 保持联系

SM1 = Someone 某人

SK8 = Skate 溜冰

SUL = See you later 一会见

SOL = Sooner or later 迟早、早晚

STR8 = Straight 直接的

SLAP = Sounds like a plan 听起来像个计划

SPST = Same place, same time 同一地点同一时间

Soz/sry = Sorry 抱歉


TM = Trust Me 相信我

TC = Take care 保重

TAM = Tomorrow A.M. 明天上午

TBC = To be continued 未完待续

TIA = Thanks in advance 提前感谢

TMI = Too much information 太多信息

TBH = To be honest 说实话……

TYT = Take your time 不用着急慢慢来

TBL = Text back later 一会再发(短信)

THX = Thanks 谢谢

TTG = Time to go 该走了

TPM = Tomorrow P.M. 明天下午

TTYL = Talk to you later 稍后跟你说

TTLY = Totally 简直、完全的


U = You 你

UR = You are 你是……

USU = Usually 通常情况下……、经常……

UNCRTN = Uncertain 不确定

URSKTM = You are so kind to me 你对我真好

URW/UW = You are welcome 不客气

UN4TUN8 = Unfortunate 很不幸的

UNBLEFBLE = Unbelievable 令人不可相信


VM = Voice mail 语音信箱

VRY = Very 非常

VBS = Very big smile 非常大的一个笑容

VFM = Value for money 价格很划得来

VGC = Very good condition 状态良好


W/ = with 与......

WB = Welcome back 欢迎回来

WX = Weather 天气

W8 = Wait 等

W3 = www. 网址的前端

WC = Who cares? 谁管、在乎啊?

WE = Whatever 随便、无所谓

WK = Week 星期

WRK = Work 工作

WBU = What about you? 你呢?

WAM = Wait a minute 等一会儿

WAS = Wait a second 等一会儿

WAM = Wait a minute 等一会儿

Wrm = Warm温暖

WYW = Wish you well 顺心如意

WRU = Where are you 你在哪儿

W/E = Weekend 周末

Wan2 = Want to 想要

WRUD = What are you doing? 你干吗呢?

WAYF =– Where are you from? 你哪里来的?

WYWH = Wish you were here 希望你也在这里

WAN2TLK – Want to talk 想聊天

Wot/Wut = What 什么


XU = Kiss you 亲吻

XME = Excuse me 对不起麻烦一下、对不起

XLNT = Excellent 很好

XOXO = Hugs and Kisses 亲亲抱抱


Y = Why 为什么?

Ya = You 你 

YR = Yeah, Right 对

YF = Wife 妻子

YL = Young lady 年轻女孩

YR = Your 你的

YW = You are welcome 不客气

Y2K = You are too kind 你人真好

YKW = You know what 你知道吗?

YIU = Yes, I understand 是的我明白

YNK = You never know 你怎么会知道

YTB = You’re the best 你是最棒的

YDKM = You don’t know me 你不知道我

Yep/Yup = Yes 是的


Z% = Zoo 动物园

ZZZZ = Sleeping or sleepy 困



! = I have a comment 我有话要说

*$ = Starbucks 星巴克

**// = Wink wink, nudge nudge 眨眼

8t = it 它

121 = One to one 一对一

143 = I love you 我爱你

182 = I hate you 我讨厌你

1dfaul = Wonderful 精彩的

2B or not 2B = To Be or Not To Be 生存还是毁灭

2day = Today 今天

2nite = Tonight 今晚

2QT = Too Cute 太可爱

2U2 = To you too 也给你

24/7 = 24 hours, as in all time 7*24小时

4e = Forever 永远

4NR = Foreigner 外国人



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