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《搜邮神器》结合 Linkedin来使用,客户的回复率能达到70% 以上



分享客户 LIMI( 外贸经理)     || 平阳恒宠宠物用品有限公司 ||





尝到甜头后,我会用这种领英加搜邮的方式,每月联系20来家客户,结合客户网站的信息,再从优贸网的数据验证一下买家过去几年的交易记录情况,再针对性地给客户发邮件,推荐我们公司相关的产品,没想到,这样的做法让客户的回复率能达到70% 以上




HPETS SUPPLIES a professional manufacturer and exporter in China,specializing in field of pet products, with 1 factory and 300 employees. 

Our products mainly on dog treats&chews,dog toys,dog collar and leash ect..Our products sell well in overseas market with good reputations. All of them are exported to Europe,North America,Japan,Korea and  other regions in the world.       

We can provide to our customers samples designed by ourselves and also able to design new products according to the samples, pictures and drawings of customers.

In the principle of "Innovation and the main focus on customers' satisfaction" , we have continuously improved our products quality and service for our clients at competitive price.


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