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Unit Fourteen 对代理请求的回应

401.As the volume of business concluded by you is not big enough, we won’ t consider the question of agency.


402.We think it premature for us to discuss the question of agency at present stage.

403.The time is not yet mature to discussion of agency.

404.We would like to say that this initial stage contract between us , both side do not understand each other very well, so there seems to be no sufficient bases for us to negotiate agency.

405.I am afraid that this is not good time yet to push the sales of our product in your market.

406.We do not think the time is right for the discussion of the question of exclusive agency.

407.We regret to say that since there is so far no transaction concluded between us, we have to decline your quest for agency.

408.The question of agency is still under consideration and we hope you will continue your effort to push the sale of our product at present stage.

409.We shall not consider pointing you as our sole agent until your sales record justify our doing so.

410.Shall we discuss the matter of agency when your market condition turns better?

Unit Fifteen 代理条件和要求

Part one

411. We can’t give you exclusive agency of the whole European market without having the slightest idea of your possible annual marketing turnover.

412. Before we know your sales volume, your plan for promotion and import license’s conditions, it is rather difficult for us to consider your proposal.

413.We have noted your quest to act as our agent in your district, but before going further into the matter, we should like to know more about your market.

414.To enable us to make further study of your proposal, would you please let us know as early as possible the sales prospects of the item in your market ,your program in detail, your business organizations in various districts and their activities.

415.Unless you increase the turnover we can hardly point you as our sole agent.

416.If you can push the sales successfully for the next 6 month we may appoint you as our agent.

417.We feel it would be better to consider the matter of agency after you done more business with us.

418.To be our agent you need to increase your annual turnover.

419.To be our agent you are requested to push your sales of our product effectively.

420.We hope you will do your best to push the sale of our products.

421.To facilitate the extension of sales, you mush advertise our products by mean of TV and newspapers.

422. We hope that you will redouble your efforts in your sales pushing.

423.To be our agent your minimum annual turnover should be at least 8000 cents.

424.If you could agree to terms, we would point you as our sole agent.

425.If terms are workable , we think you will be just the firm we would like to have to represent us.

Part Two

426.If you wish to work for other firms as well, You must obtain our permission first.

427.To be our sole agent you should not sell similar products from other manufacturers without our prior approval .

428.As our agent, you should not sell products of similar characteristic from other maker’s .We must make that very clear.

429.As our sole distributor ,you will neither handle the same or similar products of other regions nor re-export our goods outside to any other region outside your own.

430.During the validity of the agency agreement you should not handing any other foreign products of the same line and competitive types.

431.Every six month , we ‘d like to receive from you a detailed report on current market conditions and user’s comments on our products.

432.Your market report should show how big demands for our products is in your market.

433.The market report should include the trend of the development of the market , upward or downward.

434.We ‘d you to send us your sale’s statistics every six month instead of every year.

435.As our agent you should send us your market report regularly at least once every three month.

436.At the beginning of the sales promotion you have to try every means to overcome sales difficulties.

437.To effectively promote sales , your way of doing business should always comply with the constantly changing circumstances.

438.During the agency please pay close attention to the consumer’s comments on our products.

439.You are under obligation to display optimum samples of the products during the duration of the agency.

440.We hoped that you will strictly observe all the terms and condition of the agency agreement.


Unit Sixteen 合同

Part One

441.We are satisfied with the terms of this contract for the most part, but we feel that your terms of payment are too severe.

442.We would like to have another discussion of these conditions in the afternoon before there are finally included in the contract.

443. Before signing the contract this afternoon, I think we better go over few final details.

444.We’d better draw up a rough draft to the contract then talk it over in detail at our next meeting.

445.This is a copy of our specimen contract in which the general sales terms and conditions are contained.

446.We hope that you won’t object to our inserting such a clause in the agreement.

447.If any other clause in this contract is in conflict with the supplementary conditions the supplementary conditions should be taken as final and binding.

448.We think it is necessary to include a force majeure clause in this contract.

449. After studying your draft contract we found it necessary to make a few changes.

450.Since both of us are in agreement on all the terms shall we sign the contract now?

451.We think your draw contract needs some modification.

452.Any modification alteration to the contract shall be made with the consent of both parties.

453.No changes can be made on this contract without mutual consent.

454.We must make it clear in the contract that you are obliged to complete the delivery of the good within the contractual time of shipment.

455.If the shipment can not be made within three month as stipulated, the contract will become void.

Part Two

456.This agreement is made both in Chinese and English. The two versions of agreement shall have equal status in law.

457.This agreement is drawn up separately in Chinese and in English. Each part hold one original and one duplicate of each language. The two languages are of the same effect.

458. Both versions of this contract are equally authentic.

459. Any amendment of the contract shall come to force only after the written agreement is signed by both of us.

460.The contract shall become effective as soon as it signed by both parties.

461.This agreement will remain valid for one year and shall become effective on the date of signing.

462.We’d like to make the contract to be valid for two year at the beginning .

463.I think we better make some changes in the wording of this sentence.

464.Isn’t it better to word it in this way?

465.I’d like to replace this phrase with “after the date of delivery”.

466.If neither party considers it is necessary to extend the contract the proposing party may take the initiative to conduct negotiation with the other party one month prior to its expiration.

467.In case of breach of any of the provisions of this agreement by one party, the other party shall have the right to terminate this agreement by giving notice in writing to its opposite party.

468.If you fail to make the delivery ten weeks later than the time of shipment stipulated in the contract, we shall have the right to cancel the contract.

469.If both parties do not agree to renew the contract at its expiration, it will automatically become void.

470.If you want to terminate the contract before its terms is up, you should notify us of its cancellation six month before.


Unit Seventeen 卖方对支付方式的要求

Part One

471.Our usual terms of payment are by confirmed , irrevocable letter of credit in our favour, reaching us one month ahead of shipment.

472.We proposed to pay by 30 d/s.

473.The terms of payment we wish to adopt are confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit.

474.We should like to advise you that payment by collection is acceptable.

475.We would prefer you to pay in US dollars.

476.According to the contract, after receipt of the preliminary shipping advice, you are kindly requested to open with the Bank of China the relative L/C in our favour within ten days.

477.Payment of the purchase is to be effected by an irrevocable letter of credit in our favour, payable by draft at sight in pounds sterling in London.

478.We don’t accept payment in US dollars. Please conclude the business in terms of Swiss francs.

479.We require payment by L/C to reach us one month prior to the time of shipment.

480.We require immediate payment upon presentation of shipping documents.

481.Payment by irrevocable letter of credit is convenient for us and we shall draw a 60d/s bill in your bank.

482.We will draw you a documentary draft at sight through our bank on collection basis.

483.Our terms of payment are 30-day credit period, not 60-day credit. It’s customary.

484.As usual, we should require of you an L/C to be issued through a first-rate bank.

485.It would be advisable for you to establish the covering L/C as early as possible enable us to effect shipment in due time.

486.We propose paying by TT when the shipment is ready.

487.We regret having to inform you that we cannot accept payment by D/P.

488.We regret to say that we are unable to consider your request for payment under D/A terms.

489.You can pay for all or part of the equipment and technology purchased from us in resultant products.

490.Since you are not short of cash, we can arrange for your payment over 2 months without charges of any kind.

Part Two

491. As a special case , we may consider accepting your payments by D/P.

492.If the amount of each transaction is below $500, we agree to D/A  days terms.

493.We could grant you the favourable terms of payment as D/A 45 days after sight.

494.In view of the small amount of this transaction, we are prepare to accept payment by D/P at sight.

495.D/P or D/A is only accepted if the amount involved for each transaction is less the £1,000.

496.We request a 10% payment at the time of ordering . The remaining amount must be paid within 60 days.

497.We can only accept 20% cash payment in local currency. The other 80% by L/C should reach us 15 to 30 days before the delivery.

498. If the payment is made by installments, the annual interest is calculated by 6% and paid off at the end of each year.

499.Full payments must be made within 60 days.

500.The telegraphic transfer shall reach the bank of China at least five days before the delivery date of vessel.


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