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Again we call your attention to your payment due April 30.

We again call your attention to the following invoices which, according to our records, are still unpaid well beyond our normal terms:

Once again, we ask for your cooperation in paying your account which is now more than two months past due.

We have not received any response from you to the recent reminder we sent you on May 20 about your overdue account.

You did not respond to our first reminder of your overdue balance of $2578.50.

You have not answered my previous letters asking for payment on your $2578.50 purchase.


Would you please let us have an explanation of why the invoice is still outstanding?

Please let us know why the balance has not been cleared.

We would like to know if there is a reason for your delay in paying your long overdue account.


1.We cannot understand why your company has failed to repond to all our inquiries, because your account is seriously in arrears.

2. We are unwilling to accept any further orders from your company except on a cash basis until you have settled your past-due account of $5000.


1.This letter is to notify you that we have no choice but to put your delinquent account into the hands of our attorney if your check for $5000 is not received by August 10.

2. We are instructing our attorney to proceed with the collection of your overdue accout, now five months in arrears, in whatever manner may be deemed necessary to protect our interests.


We would greatly appreciate your prompt payment.

We are counting on your cooperation in making a prompt payment.

Please send us your payment today, or at least let us know your reason for the delay.

Please restore our confidence in you and maintain your good credit rating by sending us your payment now.








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