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国际贸易中这样的情况很正常。有些客人在未得到你的样品前,会经常催你寄样,等收到样板后会有很长一段时间不会理你,大致有以下几种情况: 1、对于贸易商他不是最终用户,他要提供给他的客户,此样板是寄给最终客户试用的或作展览用的,之所以他也在等客户的回复,此种情会有一定的希望,能定期跟催客户。 2、他在收到样品之用,会感到不满意,比如质量,款式等等,这也会使他不再理你, 3、此点是看你的样品属于哪一类,比如纺织品,可能有测试或成份检查等,电器则有相关的认证等,有这也需要一定的过程,如果此类情况属真,则也会有希望, 4、此客仅是想收集样品,已经找到了更好的替代品或将您的样品放入他们的档案做收集资料并无其它意思,故会找借口来搪塞你,无任何希望。 5、可能你的样品是比较满意的,但相关的交易条件令人不满意,有些客户不会说。因他要样品也不只你一家。 总之,碰到这样的事,则要有耐心,能有订单则最好,若没有,也很正常。但你要努力去跟催客人的情况,以求得到最好的效果。如果本次不成功并不意味没有希望,经常保持与客户的联系和沟通,如果他是最终客户可能在经后的接触中会另外选择您。您要做好您的潜在客户资料档案。



如果客人愿意为我们分担快递费的话(例如提供到付账号),将是对我们工作极大的支持。这样我可以多推荐一些有新意的样品给客人。当然,为帮助客人节约快递费,我们推荐新东西给客人都会从实用性考虑,在寄出之前都会通知客人(照片给客人看),客人看过确定需要后才寄出。我想这种方式对于一些真正有意开拓生意的客户会有一定的效果。 而对于那些大客老客,尽管他们每年和我们的生意额很大,我一般还是会出以下这封信件给客户的。

Dear Sirs Firstly thank you for your continuours supports in the past years we wish both business snowballing in the coming years. As per the summing-up made by our financial department in the last half year the statistics showed that we had a very heavy burden on sample cost Just as you know during the past years we supplied the small qty samples to our customer free of charge in this way we not only had to pay the samples cost in our factory but also pay for the postage to express courier such as UPS Fedex however our profit is getting smaller and smaller Under the above-mentioned situation we find it is getting difficult to run business in this way In order to solve this matter in a reasonable way we hope our customer could help to share the cost by paying the postage So could you please inform us your account number of UPS or Fedex or other express by return? So that we could send samples by your account number while we will supply the samples which are free of charge in normal small quantity as before We believe this will do favor to develop the business between us most of our customers is doing in this way nowwe sincerely hope it will be also workable to you Please kindly comment the new way and advise us your A/C no Thank you for your cooperation Looking forward to hearing from you soon

 客人收到此信后, 就算还是不肯负担邮费, 也会不再是随意要样品了。


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