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“We are NOT wishing to have a favor and wait and work-out best pricing with back and forth quoting…you should provide your best price or as we say FAVORABLE PRICING……and IF our client places his order then you would have the business….Chinese factories seem to NOT understand that providing best pricing up front that clients are more likely to issue PO’s. You should know your lowest possible price and quote to get PO’s. ”


后来客户还直接跟Edward回复道:Edward it would appear that all of the time and effort I put into developing this furniture business with my Mexico client, has been all a waste of my time。




事实上,Edward公司并没有在巴西的客户,这个美国客户在墨西哥看到的同类产品是别的中国供应商生产的。接着美国客户跟Edward说:Please do not misunderstand my intentions…not to tell you that you are wrong….only to suggest that you consider a different thought process in preparing quotations….that is all。对于客户的评论,Edward感到很伤心,但是这次失败让他学习到报价策略还应该跟思维方式相关联。




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