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Service For Suppliers

Enter product keyword search, one-click to lock 100% matching quality buyers

Excellent contact information of quality buyers, direct contact with one click

Whether the number of times the message was viewed/time, whether the social homepage, etc. were viewed

Intelligent CRM management system to make performance fly and make sales happier

Transaction data highlights your supply strength and encrypts the buyer's name

Publish product images to make sure every enquiry you receive is true

Freely set home page access

Freely set up enquiry assignment rules, which can be assigned by product and by region

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Service For Buyers

Free release purchase requests and get quotes from quality suppliers.

The precise contact of quality suppliers, direct contact with one click.

The number of times the statistics message was viewed/time.

Create a company homepage to enhance the company's brand image.

Transaction data highlights your purchasing power and encrypts the supplier's name.

Freely set home page access.

I can clearly know who has seen my marketing homepage.

Freely set the inquiry allocation rule, assign by region


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