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aap:always a pleasure 令人愉快

aar:at any rate 至少 无论如何

ab/ abt:about 关于

abt2:about to 即将

acc:anyone can come 谁都能来

ack:acknowledgement 感谢,承认

adbb:all done, bye-bye 好了,再见

add/ adr:address 地址

admin:administrator 管理员

aeap:as early as possible 尽快

afaic:as far as i'm concerned 就我而言

afaik:as far as i know 据我所知

afaiui:as far as i understand it 就我的理解而言

afap:as far as possible 尽量

ah:at home 在家

aisb:as it should be 应当

aisb:as i said before 像我之前说的

aisi:as i see it 我认为

aka:also known as

amap:as much as possible 越多越好

ambw:all my best wishes 最好的祝愿

aml:all my love 我全部的爱

amof:as a matter of fact 事实是

app:application 应用程序

aqap:as quick as possible 越快越好

atb:all the best 一切顺利,万事如意

atm:at the moment 此刻,当时

ateotd:at the end of the day 最后

asap:as soon as possible 尽快

aweso:awesome 真棒

ayec:at your earliest convenience 尽早

ayor:at your own risk 由自己负责

ays:are you serious? 你说真的吗?

ayt:are you there? 你在吗?

aytmtb:and you're telling me this because 你跟我说这个是因为

ayw:as you wish 如你所愿

azn:asian 亚洲人


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