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写一封客户会回复的邮件 Write An Email That The Clients Will Response To


 Write An Email That The Clients Will Response To


E-mails, same as other communication tools, can get efficient development in business talks only with accurate ways of using it.


Some may think that I'm talking about the first e-mail for business development, which actually is wrong. 

I'm gonna talk about the whole process of business talks by e-mails.


Many guys believe that only by writing long-content e-mails can they tell the things clear enough. 


In fact, the e-mail cannot be judged good or bad from the length of its content. It is a matter of the quality of its content


The reason why I say that the e-mail should not be written too long is that such e-mails will affect the readers' experience and make them tired.


If you were the clients, would you be willing to read such e-mails?

Do not ask too many questions whether it is the first e-mail or not.     


If you want the clients to delete your email upon reading it, keep it with thousands of questions. 


If you want the clients to revert back, ask one or two questions to keep the ball rolling.

Ask open-ended questions, rather than the questions of YES or NO. 


An open-ended question will urge the clients to revert back with their own ideas.


It is meaningless if the answers are limited as YES or NO.

Let the clients know that you will provide them with solutions ASAP.    


Many people always delay their feedback as they think the requirements from the clients are too complicated, which will take them some time for thinking and providing the solutions. 

Only when they have every single detail done, will they reply to the clients, which is really bad.


In fact, you can just reply it with simple words, " We will get back to you soon", for example, to let the clients know that you have received the e-mail and been working on it.

Keep the photos or attachments in e-mails small.    

邮件太大可能会进入客户的邮件垃圾箱, 客户看起来也不方便。

The e-mail with big size may go into the trash box of the clients. And it is not convenient for customers' reading.

Use the fonts and formats that are mostly used internationally, such as Arial, Times New Roman


Strange fonts and formats will affect the clients' reading experience.

Address the clients' name.   


Do not keep addressing your clients as sir or madam. Address their names directly to show you respect.

Mind your attitude.

商务谈判中,尽量保持谦逊礼貌 ,注意措辞。

Mind your words in businss negotiation to keep polite and humble.


邮件该如何发 How should the Emails be sent?

如何写一篇具有转化率的邮件 How to write an email that converts 

I have shared this idea in past articles, you should at least leave a Thank You at the end of your e-mail.

Keep the e-mail short and brief.


At most times, we just need to stop and think for a while for a better way to express the words so it can be kept short and brief.



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